What people saying about YoBility...

YoBility class is my hour to myself & my body. It allows me time to de-stress, time to let my muscles recover & stay mobile. Most importantly it lets me become a stronger, healthier, more efficient athlete, mom, and wife. Alex’s YoBility class is extremely unique & can not be duplicated. His knowledge & combination of yoga with mobility work makes this class constantly different for everyone.
I’ve found the YoBility classes are a great way for me to de-stress. It gives me an hour to relax and not focus on my crazy life. YoBility has done a great job of mixing traditional Yoga and Mobility together to my muscle and mental wellness.

YoBility and Mindfulness at CrossFit EPC in Lincolnshire, IL.

I have learned so much more than just lifting a barbell. I have now tied breathing, balance, and proper movement of joints together by consistently attending YoBility classes.
YoBility has been a huge benefit to me as I have improved in every lift & movement that CF has to offer. Proper technique along with breathing has become part of my thinking. YoBility is something that everyone could benefit from in some way or another.