Author - Alex Hofeldt 

"The Art of Dying, Is the Art of Living"

Literature is a wonder of humanity. It is a friend, it is a comfort, and it personifies many aspects of humanity. Speech is always a marvel of the human condition. Humans can take their emotions and share them with the world around them which changes the landscape the second it leaves the speaker.

With the passing of Stuart Scott came a wave of interesting emotions. When a public figure passes a light is shown on our humanity. A larger than life human that most would love to emulate their famous timeline, but in the end cannot out run biology. Can not outrun the end of every life. The blessing and the curse of humanity is cognition. I cosmic mind that can think, but also can perceive that we have an end. We are going through life day after day with full knowledge the days will end. 

Scott tells us to live with fire. His description of beating cancer by living is amazing. It made me think about the hero's quest. The archetype that transcends so many stories in our culture. We are all heroes. We are all on a quest. What we do on this quest up to us. There will be heroes and villains. There will be wins and loses. There will be smiles and frowns. 

Live with fire and make the world a better place. That is my quest and my journey. I hope I can live with fire and inspire others to find their fire. Enjoy this little thing called LIFE. 

Brain Rambles - Notes for Episode One

All the TIME in the world.