Author - Alex Hofeldt 

Brain Rambles - Notes for Episode One

Perspectives are wonderful things and a forged a great deal of who are. This show is about gathering and obtaining a deeper understand you and the science that is all around you. Human and therefore you are a beautiful little creature. A array of infinite possibility and complexity. You sit in your chair right now with energy flowing through each and every cell in your body. Your body produces at any given time 100 to even 2000 watts of at any given time. Energy that was created at the dawn of the Big Bang. Fueled by Energy and constructed of Matter... All of which came from the OG Beginning and has been on an incredible journey over this epic expanse of time and space... a journey that began 13.8 Billion Years old when the Universe expanded into existence at point in the story we call the Big Bang. A number so vast that you can even come close to true understanding of its scale. 

The matter and energy formed up into a colossal nebula which later formed up into that wondrous and luminous ball of Hydrogen that rises up each morning with the audacity to illuminate the sky. These events we call sunrises and they can spark in you all the emotions one could imagine on the spectrum that is human feelings and emotions. This ball that consumed 99.8% of of the matter that is now our Solar System. And from what little remained formed a stunning blue green marble we humans call Earth. 

Then there is you. You, standing on this space ship as it goes around it's gravitional orbitial journey. Traveling a mere 940 million km (or 584 millions miles) at a slow speed of 67,000 mph in only 365 1/4 days. Us human just recently used our arbitrary inventions called calendars to ring in the New Year. A global event that rings in yet another trip around the heliosphere. A trip this planet has already made 1,642,500,000,000 times before. 

So here we go lets start our little thought journey towards our new perspective... or our new year perspective. Instead of googleing once again the science of motivation, lets let the science be our motivation. 

Who are you and what are you. In terms a scale you are at scale of inconceivable stellar tinyness. Relative our Universe calling us a dust speck doesn't even cut it. But on a scale of complexity, on a scale of awe, on a scale of wonder ... you are without measure. When taking this perspective the Universe looks at you and goes dammmm that is one complex collection of star dust. 

You are this thing. A thing fueled by star light. Energized by a ball of Hydrogen plasma that burns near 10 million degrees Kelvin at it core. Smashing H into He through Thermonuclear Fusion. The energy that does not convert is released in the form of a photon (energy). This photon in the core has to make a journey to the surface of the sun. A wondering path from core to surface that could take over one million years... called the random walk. Lucky little photons are then released and travel the journey to Earth at a speed of 180,000 miles/second transversing a killer distance of 93,000,000 miles. A journey, although traveling at the speed of light, takes 8.2 minutes. 

Once it arrives the energy collides with these wondrous green or red creatures that have a super power of unimagined importance that we call photosynthesis. These amazing plants and algae can take that sun with a dash of water and a pinch of CO2 put into into the oven that they call chloroplasts and produce a couple of great by products. Sugar and Oxygen. 

This sugar is then eaten by leaf eater, the leaf eaters are then eaten (you omnivore you). That creature then takes in a deep breath of oxygen that will diffuse into your blood stream and make it to all of the cells that make you up. The sugar and the oxygen then mix in your mitochondria a process called cellular respiration. A process that gives you ATP... Metabolic energy. This energy then electrifies the machine that is you. 

A machine made up of 3.72 x 10^23 cells. Each cell then can do the job it was replicated to do. It can make protein. Those proteins then create structures and therefore allow for functions. The function are what make you a living creature. These functions allow you to eat, sleep, and live. 

So what are you... you are a machine made of crazy amounts of cells fueled by sunlight. A creature that has been given more super powers than you could possibility imagine. An animal more complex than anyone can truly comprehend. A weird, wild, wonderful, walking, talking, thinking, feeling powerful individual. 

An individual that has ears to hear a collection of organized sound waves speeding through the atmosphere we called music. Music that strikes your inner ear and moves three tiny bones to communicate to your brain that you are listening to your favorite jam. A creature that can control the silly amount of nerves in your body and control your muscles into a specific rhythmic series of movements and call it dancing. A creature that can then take the resonating emotions that are cascading through their bodies motivated by their 5 senses and move their beautiful fingers to create words on a page. A page of words that allows us to communicate to the other 7 billion homo sapiens out there what expansive ideas/feelings/emotions are flowing threw that wondrous fatty mass of tissue we call my brain. 

So what are you. You are a nothing, and you are everything. You are a Beautiful Dust Speck. 

E1. Beautiful Dust Specks: Episode 1 - How Science Can Motivate You and Change Your Inner Perspective on How Great You Are

E1. Beautiful Dust Specks: Episode 1 - How Science Can Motivate You and Change Your Inner Perspective on How Great You Are

"The Art of Dying, Is the Art of Living"