Author - Alex Hofeldt 

E24- Love... An Epic Concontion of Chemistry and Mind that Change Us All

E24- Love... An Epic Concontion of Chemistry and Mind that Change Us All

It is foolish, says caution. It is impossible, says experience. It is what it is, says love.
— Erich Fried - Poet

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Love is love. Love Thy Self. Love This Life. Love has effected us all since day one and will continue to ebb and flow until our days end. From the first moments of birth, maybe even in the womb, our brain is morphing to our parents love. Remember the concepts of neuroplasticty (episode 2)? Neuroplasticity is a new branch of science that says our brain are in constant state of change. The moments of our lives are imprinted on our minds and forever change us. This gives me so much happiness and wonderful ideas of time. I am always thinking about time and how limited it is. To many people this probably stresses them out, but to me the finite ideas of time really get me excited to embrace the moments of now. 

Our minds are being carried along with our bodies and our bodies are taking the mind on various journeys in search of something. Do you ever wonder what we are searching for? I think we are searching for a dynamic life. A life of movement and chaos. A life of smiles and cries. A life of health and happiness. A life in search of the most powerful emotion... LOVE. 

We are the kindest and most complex organism on the planet. A planet teeming with evolution and life. Generations upon generations of evolved creatures each with their own collection of structures and functions. Science also shows up that all of these animals have their own collection of the chemistry of love. Love comes in so many different forms, but it actually has a lot of evolutionary impact especially with creatures who care for their young. We care for our young for most of our lives so we must care wholeheartedly and without compromise. Love keeps us alive in nature and creates art in safety. 

Love is audacious, terrifying, and the most important emotion in the human experience. This experience is now known to be a concoction of chemistry. A combination of neurotransmitters interacting with our brain followed by the brain controlling our body. The last three episodes (21, 22, 23) have centered on the chemistry of life and feelings. We go through our days by walking through the ether of the day. We move one foot in front of the other and our eyes, noes,  and senses take the world around us inside us. The day changes our brains and our bodies. Neurotransmitters allow us to feel. 

The feelings of life is the stuff of life. If we are going to seek anything we should seek out love. However, we know that the love we seek can be found while also comprehending that if/when lost it will crush us. If you have lived you have lost. If you have loved with all that you are, you have lost all that you are... for a moment. 

Brain scan of people in love show activity in the pleasure sensors of the brain accompanied with the wonderful pleasure cascade of neurotransmitters: Dopamine, neurephieephrine (adrenaline), cortisol, and oxytocin. These chemicals stimulate the hypothalamus and allow the body to feel feels.

This is such a gift. We are able to use our sense to perceive the world around us and channel those stimuli into our bodies. Then with a rush of feeling our body constructs the emotion called love. Love that can and will take us on a journey. You can choose not to take this journey for fear of getting hurt, but who gives a crap about the hurt when the euphoria makes you feel alive. Double down on love and do everything in your power to create more of it.      

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