Author - Alex Hofeldt 

E53 - How to Embrace the Chaos and Find Balance for a Happier Tribe and Self

The stuff we are made of was created in chaos. The atoms in our body are stuck by a balance of opposites. The oxygen and sugar that fuels use come from a process that is nature's perfect opposite. Let's examine these balance of opposites. 

The human experience is the best and worst of being you. Life is full of wonder and awe, tears and laughs, hugs and kiss. Nature is a constant state of change and chaos is the catalyst for change. Evolution is change, we are change, and change is everyday. 

But in the end this life is something to enjoy and marvel at. Go out today and find others who are like you. Find a team of people and surround yourself with others who want you to be only you. Embrace the chaos and enjoy the ride. 

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