Author - Alex Hofeldt 

E54 - I'm Engaged and Now LIGO Can Teach Us Where Her Gold Ring Was Truly Created

Two weeks ago I asked my girlfriend to marry me, two weeks ago LIGO discovered Kilonova. This episode explorers the link between gold rings and the stars. 

Each episode topic and details come about based on what is happening in my life or in the science of the moment. This episode I wanted to blend the current events surrounding LIGO discovering kilonovas, to the creation of the rarest elements to me giving a gold ring to my fiance (were engaged). Each event and moment of our lives is layered with awesome. Sure it is just a ring, but it is a ring that is now a symbol and it is created by a series of cosmic events that are to rare to turly comprehend. However, with a little time, curiosity, and science we can feel a whole new perspective regarding the complexity right under the surface of our day to day lives. 

E53 - How to Embrace the Chaos and Find Balance for a Happier Tribe and Self