Author - Alex Hofeldt 

E45 - "It's Just a Theory Bro" - The Difference and Powers of Scientific Theories and Laws

All science lovers love talking about science. Let's make sure that we are using our words well and correctly. Theories change the world and deserve to be understood correctly. 

This episode is simple, but it is complex. The age we are living in today is very unique, but also terrifying. As we move through this age of anti-intellect and fake news we must be able to have conversations in hopes of building bridges. However, we must know what we are talking about and what words we are using. "Theory" is one of the most misused words out there. A scientific theory is a tool and an explanation dealing with the whys of reality, of nature, and of science. Laws are the explanations using math and equations. But we need the theories to explain why something is happen and this is how theories change the world. If we talk science and you get into a discussion/debate with anyone who says "it's just theory" when trying to debunk whatever science you are discussing you have won the debate. Also, you can walk away and save your breath since this person has a fundamental flaw in their understands about science. 


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