Author - Alex Hofeldt 

E48 - The Sun's Impact on Earth, Life and You

Last episode you discovered the wonders of the Sun. Now learn how the Sun influences everything on Earth and within you.

This episode allows the listeners to discover and marvel at the influence the Sun has on biology. The vast majority of life on Earth is energized by the Sun. We have learned in previous episodes that our bodies are made of stardust and now we can discuss how we are also energized by starlight. While also discussing how the Sun is the heat engine of our planet. It creates all of the wind, the rain, and ever changing weather. Ecology teaches us to appreciate the little creatures. Especially the ones who can do photosynthesis- create sugar from sunlight. Humans (heterotrophs) can not take light and turn it into sugar, but we can eat things who can or eat things that can eat the things that can turn light into sugar. These crazy food webs on our planet is what makes life tick and evolve. I do mean tick in the literal sense. All of the energy that motivates, moves, and is expressed with our bodies was once light created and emanated from the Sun. You are stellar dust, energized by stellar light. 

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