Author - Alex Hofeldt 

E50 - Let There Be Light - The First Light in the Cosmos

E50 - Let There Be Light - The First Light in the Cosmos

Light is a constant for us. Each day we know the Sun will rise, but this was not always the case. Stars are what got us out of the "Dark Ages" and into the light of the now. 

Light is everything. We see because of light. We get energy from light. Daytime would not be daytime without light. The Sun is the fuel for life, but it took sometime for the Universe to evolution into these wonderful crucibles of stellar light and stellar nucleosynthesis that the twinkles in the sky are today. We just experienced daylight saving time so let us take a moment to appreciate light and all of the wonder it floods our lives with each day. It is the vision and the energy that fuel this creative world. You are stellar dust machines, energized by starlight. So enjoy the ride you Beautiful Dust Specks. 

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