Author - Alex Hofeldt 

E43 - NASA Astronauts - The Educated Daredevils that Inspired Generations... RIP Gene Cernan

This week I honor my favorite NASA Astronauts Gene Cernan and pay tribute the men and women who got our imagination, curiosity, and species to the Moon.

Sadly, on January 16, 2017 we lost another great human and another hero of the Apollo NASA program. Gene Cernan was just one piece of the 100,000 people who played a role in getting us to the Moon, but he was my favorite of all the Apollo astronauts. This episode is my attempt to pay tribute to him, the programs, the people, the discoveries, and impact NASA had and has on our lives today. While also reflecting on how we can embody the astronaut life to further our everyday journey into the unknown of our hopes, dreams, and ideas. Thank you Gene and all of the other people who dared to embark on the greatest adventure of the 21st century - walking on the moon.

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