Author - Alex Hofeldt 

E36 - SnowBall Earth - The Worst Winter Ever

E36 - SnowBall Earth - The Worst Winter Ever

Winter is here and so begins the constant complaining about the cold. In the end it is just another wonderful season on Earth. Enjoy winter because there has been worse. 

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Geology teaches us a story. A story of epic proportions and events that has led to this moment, this day, this life. As the season swings to cold and winter comes back for the fun it is time to appreciate what we have. We have a planet that has changed again and again, over and over, for billions of years. Take a second to appreciate this winter because there have been many in the past. Each winter played a role and acted as a chapter in the story of how we got to today. A long time ago there was a series of events that took place which tipped the Earth into cold chaos. Snowball Earth is a theory that describes a time where our whole planet was covered in ice over a mile deep. Imagine a world cold as the Arctic as the equator and then reflect on how this winter is not so bad. Then get out there and play a snow sport since life is short. 

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