Author - Alex Hofeldt 

E41 - Music - "The art of the muses" - The Science and Beauty of Life's Rhythm

Music is simple waves traveling through the Earth's atmosphere, but the impact it has on our lives, feeling, and emotions is anything but simple. 

In this episode I explore the basic physics behind waves that create music. But more importantly this episode discusses how music effects our neurochemistry, biology, society, minds, bodies, and life. Most people love music and listen daily, but may never take the time to realize that our music is a wonderful manipulation of physics. While also pondering how music here on Earth is our music because of our atmosphere. Take your favorite song to another planet and it changes the feel. Music embodies the rhythms of the day, our lives, and our feelings. So take a moment to appreciate what it takes to use the creative powers of humans to put forth beats into the ether... beats that have the power to change the fundamental matter or the body and mind. 

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