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E25- The Story That Lead to Now is a 13,700,000,000 Year Old Epic Saga... A Review

This episode is a quick recap describing this little podcast journey we have been on so far. A recap about this epic existence.

Each aspect of this life is a part of a story that dates back to the dawn of the Universe. This fantastic tale is the greatest story ever told. If you study it with a curious mind it will enliven your life. Science is always thought of and remembered as a tough subject you took in school, but it is so much more. It is a lens to gaze upon the Earth, a lens that will fill your life up with wonder, awe, and motivation. Science enlivens the mind and can fill you with gratitude for each of moment of this life. I promise I will tell you this story each week with passion, enthusiasm and laughs. All you need to do is listen, open your mind, and enjoy the ride.